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Sunday March 23, 2008


705P: Larry Kudlow r Bush interview on stimulus package, re Bear failure, re markets

720P: Tomas Goetz NYT terminally ill social networking

735P: Malcolm re Cheney visit

750P: Bob Zimmerman, re Arthur Clarke, re ISS

805P: Dan Henninger WSJ re David Mamet

820P: Gordon Fairclough WSJ Shanghai re Tibet

835P: Neil MacDonald FT Belgrade re trouble in Kosovo

850P: Ben Ehrenreich NYT re war resisters in Canada

905P: Natasha Korecki Chicago SunTimes re Rezko trial

920P: Matthew Green FT Nigeria re energy stability

935P: John Ratey SPARK, re the new science of the brain and athletics

955P: Jim McTague Barron's Magazine re the Fed and banking credit


1005P: TASHI WANGDI HH Tibet Rep to Americas re Tibet repression, ethnic cleansing

1020P: Jim McTague Barron's re the Fed and the dollar

1035P: Roundtable Craig Unger Vanity Fair and ask Laura Meckler WSJ re Obama vs Clinton

1050P: Unger and Meckler continued re John McCain

1105P: Roundtable John WSJ and Monica Crowley McLaughling Group re Obama, re Clinton

1120P: Fund and Crowley continued re Dem disunion and the general election

1135P: Amy Yee FT Delhi re Tibet protests India

1150P: Lou Ann Hammond re EPA vs California

1205A: James Areddy WSJ re Tibet

1220A: Parris Chang Taipei re Taiwan elections

1235A: Craig Karmi WSJ "Biography of the Dollar" re the Forex, the BEP.

1255: Envoi re repression in Tibet, intel from B. Raman

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

WABC-AM 770 New York City, 7P to 10 P Eastern Time.

705PM ET: Aaron Task Yahoo Techi Ticker re Bear Sterns fire sale.

720P: Charlie Gasparino CNBC re Bear, Sterns firesale, re Spitzer collapse and Gasparino's book, "King of Clubs<' re the Spitzer-Grasso feud. Will Grasso suit be dismissed?

735P: Daniel Junge director of IRON LADIES on PBS Friday 21, re Liberia and President Ellen Sirleaf-Johnson's first year in office.

750P: Rachel Kapochunas CQ re Florida and Michigan Democraic primaries, re-vote?

805P: Malcolm Hoenlein, Conference of President, re IRGC ops in Latib America, re Cheney pending visit to Israel, re Abbas fals promises regard negotiations, re the Assads opf Damascus

820P: Michael Vlahos of Johns Hokins re Petareus surge one year after, expedianet co-optation.

835P: Jim McTague Baron's Magazine re Bear, Sterns, re Fed, re Fannie Mae solvency, re dollar

850P: Paul Collier of Oxford, author "The Bottom Billion." Commenst on Liberia, Sierra Leone, Darfur, Nigeria.

905P: Aaron Klein of Worldnetdaily, re Hamas attack with American weapons on IDF, re Syrian-Israel negotations, re Syria play for US billions to become chief broker in region.

920P: Michael Casey Dow Jones Buenos Aires re the branding of Che Guevera forty years later

935P: Parag Khanna, author, re his new book "The Second World." Comments on Tibet crisis.

955P: Envoi, re KFI preview.

KFI-Am 640 Los Angeles. 10P-1A Eastern Time.

1005P: Larry Kudlow CNBC Kudlow and Company re Bear, Sterns collapse, Fed move to cut the discount rate on Sunday night, markets plunge in Asia, Wall Street opening, fate of Bear-Sterns. Lehman Brothers ahead. Credit crisis. Bernanke.

1020P: Chuck Nash USN aviator, re resignation of Admiral William Fallon of CentCom.

1035P: Political Roundtable with Craig Unger of Vanity Fair, Laura Meckler of Washington bureau WSJ.

1050P: "
1105P: Roundtable John Fund WSJ/Monica Crowley MCLoughlin Group


1135P: PBS Iron Ladies Jonathan Stack

1150P: Bob Zimmerman re Endeavor, re ISS, re Hubble

1205A: Bill Roggio Long War Journal he is in Mosul with IQ army

1220A: Parris Chang in Bahrain re Tibet, re Taiwan's elections Saturday 22.

1235A: Jimmy Rogers Singapore re Bear, Sterns, re the Fed, close it

1255A Aaron Klein Jerusalem re Gaza, re Syria.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

WABC-AM 770. 7P to 10P.

705P: Chuck Todd NBC re the primary campaigns so far, re the Clintons and the Obamas gaming: even the possibility that Mrs Clinton will accept the vp slot

720P: Michael Isikoff Newsweek, re Obama and Rezko.

735P: Malcolm Hoenlein re the massacre in Jerusalem.

750P: Russ Roberts Hoover fellow, George Mason University, re the stimulus package, re the Federal Reserve, re the credit crisis.

805P: Larry Kudlow CNBC, re the Obama and Clinton campaigns in Ohio speaking against NAFTA and in support of a form of protectionism.

820P: Bret Stephens WSJ re Barack Obama and terrorism.

835P: Michael Ladeen American Enterprise Institute, re Iran and the absence of Bish Administration policy.

850P: George Anders of the Wall Street Journal, re Mergers and Acquistions and the pending Democrartic victory in the WHite House and In Congress.

905P: Aaron Klein Worldnetdaily from Jerusalem on the massacre in Jerusalem, the identity of the planner still at large, Shahide, a Fatah member form Jerusalem who has worked for Islamic Jihad, but who is definitely Fatah.

920P: Gideon Rachman, Foreign Affairs columnist for Financial Times, on the new Russian president and the extreme unlikely possibility of a new Cold War, re Europe vulnerable to Russia energy cut off.

935P: Nick Taylor, author, "American Goes to Work," the birth and life of the WPA, 1935-1943, and the personality and work of Harry Hopkins.

955P: Robert Zimmerman re Moon Base 1 plans at NASA.

KFI-AM 640 Los Angeles. 10P to 1A Eastern Time.

1005P: Mona Charen of National Review Online, re the Clintons and Obamas.

1020P: Jim McTague Barron's re the credit crisis and more risk ahead.

1035P: Political Roundtable Craig Unger Vanity John Anderson author

1050P: Roundtable

1105P: Roundtable ask Fund/ Monica Crowley CONFIRMED/ Mowbray in LA

1120P: Roundtable

1135P: Robert Paarlberg Harvard University Press with Henry Miller Hover

1150P: Continued

1205A: Richard Waters FT re AI

1220A: Entifadh Qanbar re Al Q torture rooms in Iraq

1235A: Abbas Milani Hoover re Iran

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Sunday March 2, 2008

WABC-AM 770 in New York City from 7 PM Eastern Time to 10 PM Eastern Time; available online streaming at

705 PM ET: Jed Babbin, editor of Humans Events, re Mrs. Clinton vs Senator Obama, re Batchelor piece forthcoming re Rezko, Alsammarae and Obama.
720 PM ET: Author and American Prospect Tara McKelvey re Abu Ghraib, her new book: "Monstering: Inside America's ecret Interrogations and Torture in the Terror War."
735 PM ET: Wall Street Journal Americas Editor Mary Anastasia O'Grady re Chanvez threatens Colombia over Ecuador, re Raul Castro, re Chavez aims to be the new Fidel, spreading Venezuela oil money for favors.
750 PM ET:
805 PM ET: Malcolm Hoenlein of the Conference of Presidents re Gaza trouble, Gaza fighting, the rockets on Sderot and Ashkelon, the Golan and Bekaa threat.
820 PM ET: Author John Andersen re Texas Democrats and the primary, re Travis County, Texas.
835 PM ET: Hoover Felow and professor Richard Epstein of Chicago Law re healthcare proposals by Clinton/Obama.
850 PM ET:
905 PM ET: Jerusalem corespondent Aaron Klein re the Gaza fighting, re the Syrian threat, re Lebanon instability.
920 PM ET: Author Roberta di Galant re his new book,"Lucia, a tale of Napoleonic War Europe."
935 PM ET: Author Kristian Gustafson and his new book, "Hostile Intent," re the CIA blows against Chile and the deposing of Salvador Allende, 1973
955 PM: Bob Zimmerman on the NASA proposal for a moon base at the severe landscape of the lunar south pole. Envoi.

KFI-AM 640 in Los Angeles from 7 PM Pacific Time (10 PM Eastern) to 10 PM Pacific Time (1 am Eastern); available online streaming at; also podcast on the KFI website.

705 PM PT (1005 PM ET):
720 PM PT (1020 PM ET): Eli Lake of the New York Sun on Gaza trouble, Egypt turmoil.
735 PM PT (1035 PM ET): Katrina vanden Heuvel of the Nation, Craig Unger of Vanity Fair,re Obama vs Clinton, is this the end for Mrs. Clinton
750 PM PT (1050 PM ET): Continue vanden Heuvel and Unger, re Obama and the Chicago political machine
805 PM PT (1105 PM PT): John Fund of the Wall Street Journal, Monica Crowley of the McLaughlin Group, re McCain over the top, re Obama vs Clinton
820 PM PT (1120 PM ET): Continue Fund and Crowley, re Fun'ds column in tomorrow's WSJ on the Rezko trial for Obama
835 PM PT (1135 PM ET): Author Nick Taylor on his book, "American-Made," re the WPA, 1935-1943, and Harry Hopkins
850 PM PT (1150 PM ET): Lou Ann Hammond of on energy prices climbinb
905 PM PT (1205 AM ET):
920 PM PT (1220 AM ET): Entifadh Qanbar of Iraq, re the revelations abotu Aiham Alsammarae, CPA Minister of Electricity and fugitive from Iraq, and the Rezko, Auchi, Obama connections
935 PM PT (1235 AM ET): Anna Fifield of FT re her tour with the Philharmonic Orchstra to North Korea, and the invitation she reported to Eric Clapton to come to NK.
955 PM PT (1255 AM ET): Moon Base 1.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Correspondence with Greg Sargent of The Horse's Mouth

I responded in an email to Greg Sargent of The Horse's Mouth after he inquired in his rich blog with regard the sources and thinking behind my minutes on Fox News Channel last Wednesday, February 27, when I summarized the four main political associations of Senator Barack Obama's recent political career.  Mr. Sargent was most concerned about the relationship between Mr. Obama and Professor Bill Ayers of the University of Illinois, the notorious and not unironic Weatherman of the 1970s.

I wrote in an email on February 28:


1. My TV remarks were based upon reporting available from several sources. In 1995, Ayers and his wife the also famous radical figure Bernardine Dohrn held a meet-the-candidate event at their home in Hyde Park, attended by candidate Barack Obama, Alice Palmer the outgoing 13th District senator, and several other prominent citizens.

2. Also, Ayers and Obama served on the Chicago based sixty-seven year old philanthropy Woods Fund together as directors from 1999 until Obama left the board December 11, 2002. Together they voted on several key awards to others linked to supporting Obama's campaigns, such as Rashid and Mona Khalidi, founders of Arab American Action Network. Also voted money for a project at Northwestern where Mrs Ayers works.

3. Also, Ayers and Obama appeared at several forums together over the years, associated with Chicago thought. All documented. One significant at the University of Chicago in 1997, another at the University of Illinois in 2002. Worthy and substantial.

4. Also, Obama campaign advisor David Axelrod has characterized the relationship carefully. Mentioned convivial interchange. Check the remark: "Bill Ayers lives in his neighborhood. Their kids attend the same school. They're certainly friendly, they know each other, as anyone whose kids go to school together."

(There is a wide age gap between Obama's children and Ayers' children, but this is the record.)

5. Also, Ayers is quoted in the New York Times on September 11, 2001, saying among other things, "eloquence to bombs." The full piece is deeply ironic, and it is sobering to read it and consider that this very newsprint was buried in the building. I understand that Ayers is not to be faulted for the irony, but there it is.

6. Ayers is 62. Obama is 46. This is a large enough age difference to describe the relationship as senior to junior. And while Ayers is a distinguished professor of Education at the University of Illinois, and widely known as a figure form the 1960 and 70s, at the time of their association in Chicago, Barack Obama was a Lecturer at the University of Chicago and a popular neighborhood senator who was not yet nationally successful or established.

7. Definition of mentor: 1. a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. 2. an influential senior sponsor or supporter.

8. Here is a link to one of the pieces I have published on the recent associations of Barack Obama in Chicago politics:

8. Your observations are appreciated. And thanks for the Youtube clip. Always happy to correct the record, the language and the inquiry to suit new information and new perceptions; in this instance I am satisfied my remarks accurately represented the record so far. Living history needs many eyes.


Tales from the Obama Files

This past week, I posted two more discussions of the associations and political career of Senator Barack Obama:  the Obama Files, and the update on the Obama files, at Human Events Online February 25, and February 26, with surprising remarks from the readers who are generally associated with the conservative camp of the Republican Party

On Tuesday, February 26, my colleague Larry Diamond of the Hoover Institution posted a response to my initial essay at Huffington Post, gaining  eye-opening comments from readers, who are generally associated with the progressive camp of the Democratic Party.

On Wednesday, February 27, I responded to a request from Fox News Channel, and summarized my measure of Senator Obama's four key political associations in a segment that is now posted on YouTube.   TPM's Greg Sargent at his The Horse's Mouth blog responded with sharp remarks entitled, "Fox News Falsely Claims That Weatherman Was Obama's 'Mentor.'"  I  replied to Greg Sargent in time with a lengthy explanation of the sources and links necessary to conclude that the Ayers-Obama relationship was not casual, not insignificant, not unthoughtful.

The story continues in the new week.  I look to speak to a Baghdad guest on Sunday with regard Antoin "Tony" Rezko and his association with a Chicago resident and classmate, Aihman Alsammarae, who in 2004 and 2005 was the Minister of Electricity for the CPA in Iraq.  I am focused on how the unusual and unfinished Alsammarae story relates to the Chicago and Illinois political history of recent years and also connects to Senator Obama, both as a state senator and a U.S. Senator.

Sunday February 24, 2008

The WABC Show was pre-empted by sports.  The show was fully booked and many of the guests will return next show, especially the Hoover Fellows Richard Epstein of the University of Chicago Law School and Larry Diamond of Stanford University.

705 PM PT: Larry Kudlow on CNBC's Kudlow & Company, re the ant-Nafta campaigning in Ohio by Mrs. Clinton and Senator Obama.
720 PM PT: Betsy McCaughey of the Hudson Institute, re questions for Mrs. Clinton and Senator Obama on healthcare proposals.  From her op-ed for the WSJ on Tuesday 19, 2008.   Chiefly about how the proposals will drive out private insurers from market.
735 PM PT:  Roundtable on the Clinton-Obama contest, with Katrina vanden Heuvel of the Nation and Craig Unger of Vanity Fair.
750 PM PT: Roundtable continued, re initial questions about Senator Obama's associations with Chicago personalities the last years: Rezko, Ayers, Khalidi, Auchi.
805 PM PT: Roundtable on the Clinton-Obama contest with John Fund of WSJ and Monica Crowley of the McLaughlin Group; also with Rep Thaddeus McCotter of 11th Michigan (R) in studio.  
820 PM PT:  Roundtable continued, re Cuba's future, re McCain with the Cuban-American vote, re McCain and Democrats.
835 PM PT: Lewis Schiff, co-author of "the Middle-Class Millionaires."
850 PM PT: Claudia Rosett of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy, re Nadhmi Auchi and the Oil for Food investigation by Paul Volcker.
905 PM PT:  Stephen Cohen of NYU, re the Kosovo crisis, with Russia opposing the Kosovo independence and the US and Bush supporting it.  Cohen asserts that Putin believes there is a new arms race.  Cohen says that the political class in Russia is watching how Putin handles the transition from the presidency to the Prime ministership, with a surrogate named Medvedev in the Kremlin.
920 PM PT: Gordon Fairclough in Shanghai of the Wall Street Journal, re the scandal of the corrupt herapin blood-thinner drug from China manufacturers, with no solution in sight.
935 PM PT: David Grinspoon, astrobiology curator of the Denver Museum of Science and Nature, re the nw reports on water flows on Mars 3.8 billion years ago.  Joined By Robert Zimmerman, of Leaving Earth, re the space shuttle Atlantic mission, re that excellent status of the ISS.
955 PM PT: Aaron Klein of, re his article posting right now about the unusual associations of Senator Obama in Chicago, mentioning Antoin "Tony" Rezko, William "Bill" Ayers and especially Rashid Khalidi.

End music the theme song: "Midnight, the Stars, and You," by Al Bowlly, recorded 1934 by the Ray Noble Orchestra.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

War Warning

1.  My best Jerusalem source passes on a general war warning similar to the warning we broadcast last summer, on the substituting we did on the Drudge radio shows.   This is a general war warning not just for Gaza, not just for the Golan or Bekaa, but rather for a general and wider war.  Note that the war warning last summer was based upon he expectation of the September 6, 2007 IAF strike, Operation Orchard, at the Syrian  secret weapons sites in the Euphrates river valley in eastern Syria.  There is no way to evaluate this warning.  Just post it and do a post mortem later.

2.  Also working on the Obama connection to others in the Chicago politico circle.  There is much coming, and soon, on Rezko, Ayers, Dohrn, Khalidi, Auchi, Blagojevich, Kelly, and Obama.  For now, see the wonderfully playful Rezkowatch.  Photos, video, audio.  And there are stable reports that much of this material has been in the hands of major news sources for some time.  I will have as much as can be done fairly and conservatively for this week's shows, Sunday 24, especially for the roundtable in the KFI show.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who is Nadhmi Auchi?

Human Events Online on Wednesday February 20, 2008

1.  Today I posted my observations and discoveries about a colorful London based billionaire, who is also Iraqi born, and a Chicago developer, with the State Senator and later U.S. Senator Barack Obama.

2.  My colleague B. Merry of Rezkowatch also posted my piece and added dry remarks of his own, along with appropriate documents.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

WABC and KFI Radio Shows Sunday February 17, 2008

WABC-AM 770 in New York City from 7 PM Eastern Time to 10 PM Eastern Time; available online streaming at

(These two shows are broadcast from the Hoover Institution on the campus of Leland Stanford Jr. University, Palo Alto, California.)

705 PM ET: The Hoover Fellow Michael McFaul on the promise and risk of the new presidencies in Russia and America.
720 PM ET:  The Hoover fellow Terry Moe on remarks about charter schools of Presidential candidate Barack Obama and the reaction of the NEA.
735 PM ET: The Hoover fellow Kiron Skinner on her edited book, "Turning Points in Ending the Cold War," especially with regard the drama of Mikhail Gorbachev and the grim prospects of today's souring relations with new cold warrior Vladimir Putin.
750 PM ET:  The Stanford professor of Russian studies Lazar Fleishmann on Boris Pasternak's letters and archive at the Hoover Institution, on the occasion of the fiftieth year since the publication of Pasternak's seminal Dr. Zhivago in English in the West.
805 PM ET: The Hoover Fellow Russ Roberts on the perils of the Bush economic stimulus package, and on candidate Barack Obama's proposal for a government-sponsored green collar corps to improve the environment.
820 PM ET: The Hoover Fellow Abbas Milani on the violent tensions between Iraq and Iran, on signals sent by Iran and the U.S. to improve relations, on Iran signals to Moscow and Bejing as well, on Iran regime's desire to preserve itself.
835 PM ET: The Hoover Fellow Russell A. Berman on his book, "Anti-Americanism in Europe," and what changes have come under the romantic Nicholas Sarkozy of France and the dour Gordon Brown of the UK.
850 PM ET: The Hoover Fellow Jim Sweeney on energy scarcity and insecurity and national policy, on the work of the Precourt Institute, on the gentle genius of a better light bulb for national security.
905 PM ET: Jed Babbin, editor of Human Events, re the McCain endorsement by Romney, re the Clinton oppo on Obama.
920 PM ET: The Hoover Fellow Tom Henricksen on global instability and his book, "After the Fall of the Berlin Wall."
935 PM ET: The Hoover Fellow Alvin Rabuschka on his book, "The Flat Tax," specially with regard the fact that Russia has a 13% flat tax system thanks to this book, that the growth of many nascent economies are driven by the adoption of the flat tax, on the prospects of a 19% flat tax replacing the Byzantine IRS.
955 PM:  Bob Zimmerman on the Space Shuttle Atlantic mission to the ISS, on the planned shoot-down on a failed U.S. spy satellite.  Envoi.

KFI-AM 640 in Los Angeles from 7 PM Pacific Time (10 PM Eastern) to 10 PM Pacific Time (1 am Eastern); available online streaming at; also podcast on the KFI website.

(These two shows are broadcast from the Hover Institution on the campus of Leland Stanford Jr. University, Palo Alto, California.)

705 PM PT (1005 PM ET): Hoover Fellow Larry Diamond on his book "The Spirit of Democracy," and in conversation with regard the prospect of democracy around the globe, specially with regard the breaking news of Kosovo declaring independence as a democratic state and the clash between the failed democracy of Russia with the United States over Kosovo.  Attention to the democracy successes as well as the pseudo democracies and the failures.
720 PM PT (1020 PM ET): Hoover Fellow David Brady on polling for the presidential campaign right now, with regard his book, "Red and Blue Nation," and on why there is just a handful of states to watch in the forthcoming election, notably Ohio and Wisconsin.
735 PM PT (1035 PM ET): Hoover Fellow Peter Robinson and Hoover Fellow Bill Whalen on the presidential primary campaigns, roundtable with regard especially the Wisconsin primary on Tuesday 19 and the Texas and Ohio primaries on March 4.  Joined by John Fund of the Wall Street Journal and Monica Crowley of the McLoughlin Report.
750 PM PT (1050 PM ET): Roundtable continues, with regard John McCain and his disputes with the conservatives of the Republican Party.
805 PM PT (1105 PM PT): Roundtable continues, with regard Hillary Clinton and her former and now missing inevitability.
820 PM PT (1120 PM ET): Roundtable continues, with regard the scrubbing and vetting of the Democratic front-runner, Barack Obama: "Look, I have been written about, I have been scrubbed, I have been vetted over the last year."
835 PM PT (1135 PM ET): Vanity Fair contributor Craig Unger, author of "The Fall of the House of Bush," with regard Clinton campaign stumbles and disputes, with regard the delayed revelations on the background of Barrack Obama.
850 PM PT (1150 PM ET): UC Santa Barbara professor Christopher Funk on food insecurity and climate change in the 21st century, working with projections for radical agrarian changes on the continents, specially with regard East Africa, discussing the warnings for already volatile Kenya.
905 PM PT (1205 AM ET): Hoover Fellow Victor Davis Hanson and Iraq political commentator Entifadh Qanbar (from Baghdad) on the one year anniversary of the Bagdad security surge, on dramatically improved conditions, on a soccer match between the west bank and east bank children, the Shia and Sunni, in central Baghdad, on the victory of the Iraqi and Coalition forces over Saddamites and jihadists, on the promise of George Bush emerging as the hero of the Iraq war victory.
920 PM PT (1220 AM ET): Hoover Fellow Dr. Henry Miller and Hoover Fellow Joseph McNamara on the Abu Ghraib scandal of 2004, on interrogation technique in wartime, on developing actionable intelligence.
935 PM PT (1235 AM ET): Author Tara McKelvey joins to discuss her book "Monstering: Inside America's ecret Interrogations and Torture in the Terror War."
955 PM PT (1255 AM ET): Remarks about Hoover Institution by Associate Director Jeff Bliss.  Also, who is Barack Obama supporter and London-based, Iraqi-born billionaire Nadhmi Auchi?  Envoi.

(Thank you to Hoover Institution, and thanks specially to Jeff Bliss, Michele Horaney, Mandy MacCalla, Lanor Maune.)