Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

WABC-AM 770 New York City, 7P to 10 P Eastern Time.

705PM ET: Aaron Task Yahoo Techi Ticker re Bear Sterns fire sale.

720P: Charlie Gasparino CNBC re Bear, Sterns firesale, re Spitzer collapse and Gasparino's book, "King of Clubs<' re the Spitzer-Grasso feud. Will Grasso suit be dismissed?

735P: Daniel Junge director of IRON LADIES on PBS Friday 21, re Liberia and President Ellen Sirleaf-Johnson's first year in office.

750P: Rachel Kapochunas CQ re Florida and Michigan Democraic primaries, re-vote?

805P: Malcolm Hoenlein, Conference of President, re IRGC ops in Latib America, re Cheney pending visit to Israel, re Abbas fals promises regard negotiations, re the Assads opf Damascus

820P: Michael Vlahos of Johns Hokins re Petareus surge one year after, expedianet co-optation.

835P: Jim McTague Baron's Magazine re Bear, Sterns, re Fed, re Fannie Mae solvency, re dollar

850P: Paul Collier of Oxford, author "The Bottom Billion." Commenst on Liberia, Sierra Leone, Darfur, Nigeria.

905P: Aaron Klein of Worldnetdaily, re Hamas attack with American weapons on IDF, re Syrian-Israel negotations, re Syria play for US billions to become chief broker in region.

920P: Michael Casey Dow Jones Buenos Aires re the branding of Che Guevera forty years later

935P: Parag Khanna, author, re his new book "The Second World." Comments on Tibet crisis.

955P: Envoi, re KFI preview.

KFI-Am 640 Los Angeles. 10P-1A Eastern Time.

1005P: Larry Kudlow CNBC Kudlow and Company re Bear, Sterns collapse, Fed move to cut the discount rate on Sunday night, markets plunge in Asia, Wall Street opening, fate of Bear-Sterns. Lehman Brothers ahead. Credit crisis. Bernanke.

1020P: Chuck Nash USN aviator, re resignation of Admiral William Fallon of CentCom.

1035P: Political Roundtable with Craig Unger of Vanity Fair, Laura Meckler of Washington bureau WSJ.

1050P: "
1105P: Roundtable John Fund WSJ/Monica Crowley MCLoughlin Group


1135P: PBS Iron Ladies Jonathan Stack

1150P: Bob Zimmerman re Endeavor, re ISS, re Hubble

1205A: Bill Roggio Long War Journal he is in Mosul with IQ army

1220A: Parris Chang in Bahrain re Tibet, re Taiwan's elections Saturday 22.

1235A: Jimmy Rogers Singapore re Bear, Sterns, re the Fed, close it

1255A Aaron Klein Jerusalem re Gaza, re Syria.

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