Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday, March 9, 2008

WABC-AM 770. 7P to 10P.

705P: Chuck Todd NBC re the primary campaigns so far, re the Clintons and the Obamas gaming: even the possibility that Mrs Clinton will accept the vp slot

720P: Michael Isikoff Newsweek, re Obama and Rezko.

735P: Malcolm Hoenlein re the massacre in Jerusalem.

750P: Russ Roberts Hoover fellow, George Mason University, re the stimulus package, re the Federal Reserve, re the credit crisis.

805P: Larry Kudlow CNBC, re the Obama and Clinton campaigns in Ohio speaking against NAFTA and in support of a form of protectionism.

820P: Bret Stephens WSJ re Barack Obama and terrorism.

835P: Michael Ladeen American Enterprise Institute, re Iran and the absence of Bish Administration policy.

850P: George Anders of the Wall Street Journal, re Mergers and Acquistions and the pending Democrartic victory in the WHite House and In Congress.

905P: Aaron Klein Worldnetdaily from Jerusalem on the massacre in Jerusalem, the identity of the planner still at large, Shahide, a Fatah member form Jerusalem who has worked for Islamic Jihad, but who is definitely Fatah.

920P: Gideon Rachman, Foreign Affairs columnist for Financial Times, on the new Russian president and the extreme unlikely possibility of a new Cold War, re Europe vulnerable to Russia energy cut off.

935P: Nick Taylor, author, "American Goes to Work," the birth and life of the WPA, 1935-1943, and the personality and work of Harry Hopkins.

955P: Robert Zimmerman re Moon Base 1 plans at NASA.

KFI-AM 640 Los Angeles. 10P to 1A Eastern Time.

1005P: Mona Charen of National Review Online, re the Clintons and Obamas.

1020P: Jim McTague Barron's re the credit crisis and more risk ahead.

1035P: Political Roundtable Craig Unger Vanity John Anderson author

1050P: Roundtable

1105P: Roundtable ask Fund/ Monica Crowley CONFIRMED/ Mowbray in LA

1120P: Roundtable

1135P: Robert Paarlberg Harvard University Press with Henry Miller Hover

1150P: Continued

1205A: Richard Waters FT re AI

1220A: Entifadh Qanbar re Al Q torture rooms in Iraq

1235A: Abbas Milani Hoover re Iran

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