Saturday, February 16, 2008

WABC and KFI Radio Shows Sunday February 17, 2008

WABC-AM 770 in New York City from 7 PM Eastern Time to 10 PM Eastern Time; available online streaming at

(These two shows are broadcast from the Hoover Institution on the campus of Leland Stanford Jr. University, Palo Alto, California.)

705 PM ET: The Hoover Fellow Michael McFaul on the promise and risk of the new presidencies in Russia and America.
720 PM ET:  The Hoover fellow Terry Moe on remarks about charter schools of Presidential candidate Barack Obama and the reaction of the NEA.
735 PM ET: The Hoover fellow Kiron Skinner on her edited book, "Turning Points in Ending the Cold War," especially with regard the drama of Mikhail Gorbachev and the grim prospects of today's souring relations with new cold warrior Vladimir Putin.
750 PM ET:  The Stanford professor of Russian studies Lazar Fleishmann on Boris Pasternak's letters and archive at the Hoover Institution, on the occasion of the fiftieth year since the publication of Pasternak's seminal Dr. Zhivago in English in the West.
805 PM ET: The Hoover Fellow Russ Roberts on the perils of the Bush economic stimulus package, and on candidate Barack Obama's proposal for a government-sponsored green collar corps to improve the environment.
820 PM ET: The Hoover Fellow Abbas Milani on the violent tensions between Iraq and Iran, on signals sent by Iran and the U.S. to improve relations, on Iran signals to Moscow and Bejing as well, on Iran regime's desire to preserve itself.
835 PM ET: The Hoover Fellow Russell A. Berman on his book, "Anti-Americanism in Europe," and what changes have come under the romantic Nicholas Sarkozy of France and the dour Gordon Brown of the UK.
850 PM ET: The Hoover Fellow Jim Sweeney on energy scarcity and insecurity and national policy, on the work of the Precourt Institute, on the gentle genius of a better light bulb for national security.
905 PM ET: Jed Babbin, editor of Human Events, re the McCain endorsement by Romney, re the Clinton oppo on Obama.
920 PM ET: The Hoover Fellow Tom Henricksen on global instability and his book, "After the Fall of the Berlin Wall."
935 PM ET: The Hoover Fellow Alvin Rabuschka on his book, "The Flat Tax," specially with regard the fact that Russia has a 13% flat tax system thanks to this book, that the growth of many nascent economies are driven by the adoption of the flat tax, on the prospects of a 19% flat tax replacing the Byzantine IRS.
955 PM:  Bob Zimmerman on the Space Shuttle Atlantic mission to the ISS, on the planned shoot-down on a failed U.S. spy satellite.  Envoi.

KFI-AM 640 in Los Angeles from 7 PM Pacific Time (10 PM Eastern) to 10 PM Pacific Time (1 am Eastern); available online streaming at; also podcast on the KFI website.

(These two shows are broadcast from the Hover Institution on the campus of Leland Stanford Jr. University, Palo Alto, California.)

705 PM PT (1005 PM ET): Hoover Fellow Larry Diamond on his book "The Spirit of Democracy," and in conversation with regard the prospect of democracy around the globe, specially with regard the breaking news of Kosovo declaring independence as a democratic state and the clash between the failed democracy of Russia with the United States over Kosovo.  Attention to the democracy successes as well as the pseudo democracies and the failures.
720 PM PT (1020 PM ET): Hoover Fellow David Brady on polling for the presidential campaign right now, with regard his book, "Red and Blue Nation," and on why there is just a handful of states to watch in the forthcoming election, notably Ohio and Wisconsin.
735 PM PT (1035 PM ET): Hoover Fellow Peter Robinson and Hoover Fellow Bill Whalen on the presidential primary campaigns, roundtable with regard especially the Wisconsin primary on Tuesday 19 and the Texas and Ohio primaries on March 4.  Joined by John Fund of the Wall Street Journal and Monica Crowley of the McLoughlin Report.
750 PM PT (1050 PM ET): Roundtable continues, with regard John McCain and his disputes with the conservatives of the Republican Party.
805 PM PT (1105 PM PT): Roundtable continues, with regard Hillary Clinton and her former and now missing inevitability.
820 PM PT (1120 PM ET): Roundtable continues, with regard the scrubbing and vetting of the Democratic front-runner, Barack Obama: "Look, I have been written about, I have been scrubbed, I have been vetted over the last year."
835 PM PT (1135 PM ET): Vanity Fair contributor Craig Unger, author of "The Fall of the House of Bush," with regard Clinton campaign stumbles and disputes, with regard the delayed revelations on the background of Barrack Obama.
850 PM PT (1150 PM ET): UC Santa Barbara professor Christopher Funk on food insecurity and climate change in the 21st century, working with projections for radical agrarian changes on the continents, specially with regard East Africa, discussing the warnings for already volatile Kenya.
905 PM PT (1205 AM ET): Hoover Fellow Victor Davis Hanson and Iraq political commentator Entifadh Qanbar (from Baghdad) on the one year anniversary of the Bagdad security surge, on dramatically improved conditions, on a soccer match between the west bank and east bank children, the Shia and Sunni, in central Baghdad, on the victory of the Iraqi and Coalition forces over Saddamites and jihadists, on the promise of George Bush emerging as the hero of the Iraq war victory.
920 PM PT (1220 AM ET): Hoover Fellow Dr. Henry Miller and Hoover Fellow Joseph McNamara on the Abu Ghraib scandal of 2004, on interrogation technique in wartime, on developing actionable intelligence.
935 PM PT (1235 AM ET): Author Tara McKelvey joins to discuss her book "Monstering: Inside America's ecret Interrogations and Torture in the Terror War."
955 PM PT (1255 AM ET): Remarks about Hoover Institution by Associate Director Jeff Bliss.  Also, who is Barack Obama supporter and London-based, Iraqi-born billionaire Nadhmi Auchi?  Envoi.

(Thank you to Hoover Institution, and thanks specially to Jeff Bliss, Michele Horaney, Mandy MacCalla, Lanor Maune.)


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